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    This sound interesting i will wait

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    i just download yoper-2.0.0-9 iso...what will be the newer version?what more will it have?
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    Nothing really unless you want a non destructive reparitioning and grub and so on. quite a lot of changes, but most you get with the procedure I wrote in your other post.

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    does the latest version have the pcmcia_cs package built in?

    i have, and had to download that extra and install it. Although i must say the instructions on the yoper boards were very good.

    so far i really enjoy the o/s, but in general i'm not finding it quite as fast as slackware was on my laptop, pIII 333 with 96mb of ram. Some things (like KDE) are faster, but others are slower.

    But i'm sticking with it so far because you guys are doing a great job.

    also, any plans to include IceWM?

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    RE pcmcia ... yes there will be an install option in the upcoming release.

    RE speed. KDE is of course not as fast as something light wight like ICE or WIndowmaker (my favourite), but iN yoper I am sure it get's pretty close. I have just added ICEWM to apt. As long as you use you should be able to

    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    apt-get install icewm

    BTW ..

    start cron at boot and run this every night

    prelink -v --all --ld-library-path=/usr/lib/mozilla

    saves you running it every time you upgrade another fix that I introduce in the next release ... nightly speed recovery ...

    Have fun

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    icewm is in the apt repository

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