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Thread: just installed

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    just installed

    Well i just got done installing yoper on my roommates computer. it took me like 5 tryes after the 4th try i thought the problem was yoper so i stuck in slackware and got the same thing. so i had my roommate come check the way he had his ide cables plugged in and they where backwards. the cdrom one was in the hd one and the other way around. so that was my problem after i got that fixed i had yoper installed in about 10 mins or so it was great. it seems so fast so far. tomorrow i plan on installing it on my 10 gigs i have left on my laptop
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    Yoper has a few laptop-specific issues that are being addressed in the next release.

    1) PCMCIA is not included by default (but it is in the development release, so it will be in the next stable release). In the meantime you will want to do apt-get install pcmcia-cs if you have a PCMCIA slot.

    2) For some reason, the battery and ac power management modules aren't loaded by default. This is certainly a problem with laptops! The solution is to

    modprobe battery
    modprobe ac
    The permanent solution is to add them to a startup script.

    3) Yoper uses ACPI rather than APM by default. Some laptops, especially older ones like mine, don't work well with ACPI. If you find that when you hit the suspend key on your keyboard the machine doesn't enter suspend mode, or if you tell it to shut down and it kills all processes and just sits there, you will need to modprobe apm. As above, you will want to add it to a startup script.

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