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Thread: BeatrIX returns

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    BeatrIX returns


    After a three-year hiatus, BeatrIX Linux is back. If you're not familiar with it, it's a less-than-200-meg distro that fits on a tiny CD, is live-bootable, contains Firefox, OOO, Evolution and much more. It will run on any computer made in the past 10 years and is quite quick.

    Check us out at index.html and enjoy,


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    This is good news to me!

    I was saddened when everything kind of fell apart there just when they made such a big splash in the beginning. I ran BeatrIX for a while and was amazed at how fast it was. I thought the developers really thought the distro through, and brought with them some really innovative and sound ideas about what they were doing.

    Very glad to hear BeatrIX is back! Thanks for the info!

    EDIT: Someone had better inform Distrowatch as they still list BeatrIX as "discontinued!"
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    Welcome back Steven!
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