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    Zenwalk - giving it a whirl

    I am trying out Zenwalk 5.2 tonight. It's a pretty nice distro. Unfortunately, xfce fonts are just blurry on my monitor. I've noticed it with Xubuntu, as well, and I was hoping it was a Xubuntu issue. I'm not a huge fan of LILO or Iceweasel instead of Firefox (hypocritical in the extreme - we can't use Firefox/but it's sooooo cool - I have an idea...). I really like Netpkg, it may not be quite as good as Synaptic, but it's definately better than YaST. They have pretty much no programming packages, which was kinda surprising. I guess I was spoiled with OpenSUSE and the buntus. overall, I'd give it a 8 out of 10.

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    It's been quite a while since I last tried Zenwalk, but I've always liked it.

    Xfce4 always gives me nice, sharp fonts, especially on Zenwalk and Slackware. If you are running an LCD monitor, be sure to go into the fonts settings and set them to use sub-pixel rendering with full hinting.

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    You can always remove LiLo and replace it with GRUB.
    For programs in Zenwalk, you can't expect the ease of installing compared to ubuntu and suse.
    Either try to find it in the repos, or try to add new ones for more programs.

    They still contain little programs, and you need to manually go to for programs.

    In zenwalk, GCC is your best friend. Keep compiling software you can't find.

    PS: if you are slightly uncomfortable about zen, why not try out Vector Linux 5.9 ? I think these two distros compete rather hard, because both are based on slackware, both on Xfce and both are intended to be neat and polished looking and both (finally) are intended as good desktops for the light computer. I myself for one never found any way to put one over the other. They are darn too evenly matched.
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