So I have this old old laptop. I have tried many different distros on it, but DSL's ram requirement is good for this computer, and it is the only one to get almost all the way through to the desktop...

Computer Specs:
75 mhz Processor
16 mb ram
860 mb

So the problem is that when DSL gets through all the loading, then you login and it takes you to the desktop, it freezes. I can move the mouse (its the big X) however it freezes before anything can come up. There is something different about it too. It is usually grayscaled (black and white) but it is blue on this laptop...weird. So in any case I was hoping someone had a solution to this!

A few years ago my networking teacher sorta gave me this antique laptop and yea... It doesn't have to do anything super special, but I wanted to put a good linux distro on it just to be able to surf the web and stuff. So mostly its just for fun.