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    Backtrack Install Help


    i download new version of backtrack 3 (bt3-final.iso) today but when i try to run the live cd on my lenvo3000 y500 laptop touch pad not working properly .(touch pad detected and the mouse cursor cannot in control.also tried mouse thershold )
    i download and read the backtrack2 Hard Drive Installation manual.tried to install it in my laptop unfortunatly the kde menu does not show the Menu:
    K -> System -> Backtrack Installer
    i like to replace my existing os with the backtrack3 kindly help me to do so
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    for all info about your lenovo search on the wiki , is the first resource.

    for the installer...

    on bt2 exist , on bt3final don't exist , but if you want the HD-installation follow the thrade on theRemote Exploit Forums named "install bt3 from the shell"...

    OR ...

    download the script here

    save on *kmdr , and run-it.



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    Ok well i'm having an issue aswell!

    I'm trying to dual boot BackTrack and windows xp pro SP3..

    1st I made my partitions

    hda1 = windows
    hda2 = Linux
    hda3 = Linux Swap

    and when i: mkdir /mnt/backtrack mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/backtrack

    it gives me some error saying "cannot find /dev/hda2" .... I dont get it! I didn't have this problem when I installed it when there was no windows partition...

    Any suggestions? I googled it but found nothing

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    Check the output of fdisk -l command. It could be /dev/sda2 instead of hda2.

    mkdir /mnt/backtrack mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/backtrack
    Are you executing above code as a single line?
    It should be :
    mkdir /mnt/backtrack
    mount /dev/hda2  /mnt/backtrack
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    no its on 2 different lines, i just didnt want to put it on another line.

    but yes its on 2 different lines, I just dont get it. When I didnt have windows installed I had:

    hda1 = Linux
    hda2 = Linux Swap
    hda3 = Linux

    and i could mount and everything was fine and then i found out my laptop wouldnt output to my TV while using BackTrack for somereason, so i decided to do Windows XP / Backtrack 3 on my laptop so i can watch me downloaded movies haha

    I just don't know what It could be...?

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