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    Puppy Linux: checking the version

    In puppy linux (Home Page | Puppy Linux) I can check the version of the kernel and CPU as such: uname -a. However, what method can I use to check the version of the distribution?

    Note that there is also a web page that comes with the installation (file:///usr/share/doc/index.html) and mentions the version number at the top of the page, but can I rely on this version number?

    Thanks in advance

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    Does this help with version information?

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    We've had this debate before about which method is universal to all distros and I think the consensus was that /etc/version (or /etc/issue if version doesn't exist) will almost always contain the distro release information.
    cat /etc/version

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    cat /etc/issue also states the version of the kernel which is running and there is no information on the version of the distribution.

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    You may find
    cat /etc/puppyversion
    gives you the information you require ... together with this page

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    Thanks, that works

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    if i'm running lucid 5.2.8 update 005, will this method show my update version?


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    Guys, this thread is almost 4 years old so I'm closing it, but do feel free to start fresh threads of your own if you are having any issues with Linux.

    Thank you...

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