Hello. I just installed windows XP a fresh install i entered the product key and everything installed fine. I went out and bought one of those windows xp home edition cd"s. Anyways when i installed it it started up and i couldnt get on the internet. I went into the command prompt and typed in ipconfig and ipconfig /all and got windows IP configuration that is all it said i got no ip or anything.

How would i go about setting up my network. My router needs to be accessed through ssh which isnt installed on windows by default so i downloaded it from my linux box and copied to windows and did in putty the sssh program for windows and it said fatal error cannot route to host. Im lost am i supposed to set something up?. I have 2 routers the main one which gives the internet is and second one whichc i use for my other desktop is linksys with openwrt. I need ssh to access it but it wont let me in. Is there another way i can get online or a way i can get the internet workong. Id appreciate the help