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    Installing DSL using Floppy

    Hi, I'm currently a beginner on Linux things.

    My dad has an old Toshiba laptop. It currently doesn't have any OS installed (even DOS) and no CD-ROM. I wanted to install DSL into that laptop. The problem is (as I said), the laptop only got a floppy disk in it.

    So, how can I install DSL into it using a stack of floppy??

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    There are bootable floppy images available for DSL..
    have you tried them?

    actually im not sure, those images are not for installs..

    btw you can exernal CD/DVD-ROM if you have usb on your laptop

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    The laptop doesn't have any USB. I'm sure that it is a VERY old one.

    I already have the 4.4.3 iso. Is there any way to separate the ISO so it can be copied and installed using floppy?

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    I have heard, that it needs 60 floppy discs to install linux..

    I havent seen any floppy and floppy drive for last 5 years

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    The number of floppies depends on the distribution. If you have a network card for the laptop, you could use Slackware's boot & root floppies and then install using ftp from internet.

    Here is a list of distros for really old computers:
    -> Operating systems for really, really old computers - Ubuntu Forums

    Remember that one floppy is 1.4 MB and DSL is 50 MB.

    You could also install NetBSD on it. It is not Linux, but another flavour of Unix. And then there is of course Minix.



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