Good afternoon,

I'm trying to get the Adobe Flash player to work with the "Bon Echo" version of Firefox that comes with DSL.

I've installed the file from the Adobe web site. Unfortunately, now whenever I navigate to a web page that has flash on it Firefox immediately crashes/shuts down.

I've alternately tried installing the file at /usr/local/firefox/plugins or at /home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins. Neither one worked.

After one crash, I hit ctrl-alt-backspace to get out of X, and there were three error messages saying that the machine couldn't find,, and

So, assuming this meant I needed to install GTK2 as well, I downloaded the GTK2 myDSL extension. That also did not work.

So, I'm out of ideas. Has anyone successfully installed the Flash Player on a stock version of DSL? If stock DSL won't run it, what other libraries do I need to install? Are all the necessary bits available at myDSL extensions, or will I have to go through apt to get them?

Thanks in advance!