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    Backspace / Delete etc

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a SunOS, but when I use vi or vim and push the :backspace: or :delete: button I alots of strange signs like ^? etc.

    I've searched google, but I don't know where to find the vimrc files, how can I fix this issue ?

    Thanks allready
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    its been a while since i used it but i believe commands to delete are for example; d5w to delete 5 words etc
    it doesnt follow normal text editor patterns so i recommend looking through some of the excellent tutorials in the tutorial section of these forums and elsewhere
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    SunOS does that. I think if you're using X, you can remap the keys. I'm trying to do that on my laptop since xterm + screen = broken.

    if you're not using X, I think there might be a console keymap somewhere. I stopped using SunOS in favor of its derivatives for reasons like that.

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