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    Puppy, time zones and gmail

    My puppy seems to be stuck in the -8 GMT zone for some reason.
    I have tried numerous times to set it to -5 GMT and it seems to go but then when I go to set the time it says time was set to blahblah -8GMT.
    The time is right, just not the zone.

    I am also having a problem with gmail, I noticed that ever since I installed puppy that when I log into gmail that the times are reversed, i.e. what came in at, say, 10:32am actually shows 10:32PM.
    This does NOT happen when I log into gmail from other computers and I have checked the settings in my gmail account so it has to be something with my computer. I did try shifting the time on my computer too and that didn't make any difference.

    Any ideas?

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    Linux Guru rokytnji's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Bios clock setting maybe?

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    nope, I know I didn't change it but I checked just to be sure and it shows the correct time.

    edit: hmm seems to be ok now, perhaps the setting the time zone just needed a reboot to take effect since it is now set for the proper zone and my gmail shows up with the proper time.

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    Glad it worked out for you. Thanks for the followup. You should be able to right click the clock and check out how preferences are set.

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