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    PCLOS2007 freezing while downloading package!

    Im trying to download vega strike game for PcLinux2007, its in the repository, but when it starts to download the package, the computer freezes, cant move the mouse, cant use ctrl alt bkspc, nothing, but turning it off or pressing the reset button. what could be causing it to do that, it seems like its only when I try vega strike! I will try to download a different package and see what happens. Does anyone have vega strike installed and did you have any problems downloading it? I have tried switching repositories with the same result!

    UPDATE, it now seems to be installing, I tried 3 or 4 times before and it kept freeezing, now everything seems OK. thanks!
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    Nope, it did freeze again, got to 92% and froze up.
    Im wondering if my / partition is to small, when I installed to my hard drive, I let it auto allocate for me, I have an 80gb hard drive, it made the / partition 8.4gb the swap 3.9 and the /home 67gb, its still showing I have 4.7gb free on the /partition, and vega strike is only 159mb, so any ideas why its freezing? can I reisze partitions without losing anything, or do I have to re install from my live USB and make them bigger that way if I decide to make them bigger. (im on my windows laptop now, so the numbers may not be exactly right, but I think they are pretty close, should my / partition be bigger)

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    Im thinking maybe its just got a bug, now it wont find my broadband card either, but it finds it fine off my live usb, but my hard drive install says its not there, im gonna try to reinstall to my hard drive off my live usb remaster and see how that works out! I think I will up the size just a little on my / partition while I am at it!

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    You can use a live CD with gparted or similar to resize the partitions. I like to use the PartedMagic CD for this.

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    cool thanks, I will remember that, I just did a reinstall, I had a copy of my system on a flash drive with the exception of one program which doesnt really matter, so im back up and running, broadband card is working.

    I made my / partition 10gb and checked it for bad blocks, so far it seems to be running just fine!

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    Good to hear you got things sorted

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    Yeah, im now convinced the freezing problem is not my computer, it happens when trying to get the data files for vega strike, I think there is just too many people downloading the files. It freezes the whole system in synaptics, im now trying to download the rpm dirrectly and sometimes it just stops downloading but at least the system remains stable, I just have to retry. sometimes, the file im trying to download disapears from the dirrectory on the web site completely, you have to keep refreshing til its there again. Dang, maybe I need to try it at a wierd time of the night when there is less traffic..Uhggg, well, if I get it, then I gotta figure out how to install from an rpm..LOL, I can do it! (hopefully...if not, I give up on the game. )

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    Well, I finally got the file I was trying to download, it was a little slower but KftpGrabber downloaded without issue. So I used Kpackage to install the rpm, everything seems ok as far as the install, the game has some issues that I gotta work on, but other then that,m all is good now. Thanks for the help!

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