Hello I made a liveCD the other day with "pclinuxos-200x.iso". i used imgburn to make it.
i restarted ran the mediacheck and every thing worked 100% no problems i logged and had the desktop up. started the partition wizard because i have windows on the same H/D but before i messed with anything i thought it best to back up my hard drive so i shut down and started up with windows backed up all my files on to an external H/D and than i tried to boot again from the same disc took the same steps but this time i got the error

ERROR: Unable to mount loop filesystem,

Commands were:

losesetup /dev/loop0 initrd/cdrom/livecd.sqfs

mount -r -t squashfs /dev/loop0 initrd/loopfs

Dropping you to a limited shell.

i have no idea what happend.
i thought maybe it was the CD i burned so i made a new one and it does the same thing