Hi all, I'm trying to run an autostart script on my NSLU2 unslungged but I have a couple of problems:

-I do not understand, where I have to put the script:
/opt/etc/init.d (at the moment my script is locate here as S80myscript and it works)
/etc/rc.d (someone suggest the folder /etc/rc3.d but it's not present in my NSLU2 and if I try to put the script in /etc/rc.d it doesn't work!)
/unslung? (again someone suggest to put the script in this folder named rc.local)

-how I can execute the script as a non-root user?

I've found on internet this string
/bin/su - username -c script.sh where script.sh is the script to execute as non-root

but it doesn't work (if I execute it the TinyLogin help appear)