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    Convert Ext2 to Ext3 on Acer Aspire Linpus Lite/Fedora 8

    What Happened:

    I found a silly way to corrupt my hard drive. I turned my computer upside-down while it was running. We can ignore this for now.

    I reloaded Linpus Lite from my recovery disc and while looking it over, I noticed that it was using Ext2 (no journaling). This makes sense for "Solid State Discs" which are being used on some Netbooks, but in my case, I think it would have saved me from having to re-install, if I had been using Ext3 journaling.

    The Question/Request:

    I would like change from Ext2 to Ext3. This is supposed to be simple, but I cannot find the information I need. It sounds to me like it should be something like this:

    Boot to run level 3

    Run "fsck" with some kind of parameter switch to created the journal.

    Edit "/etc/fstab" with a simple text editor to change references from Ext2 to Ext3.

    Can anyone confirm or deny any of the above for me? Also, what would be the switch on "fsck"?

    . . . . why me?

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    1. You don't need to boot up in Runlevel 3, You can use 5 also
    fsck or e2fsck
    Is for repairing or checking filesystem
    3. To convert filesystem use this command, after backing up your data
    mke2fs -j /dev/<partition>

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    In case you have been wondering, I have not gotten around to trying this yet. At first I was simply too busy. Last night I spent a good part of the evening trying to get backups done. "Tar" kept failing on me. Anyway, I have an alternative (booting a LiveCD and using another version of "tar").

    But now I am busy again. Oh well.

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