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    Puppy linux & lilo

    Hallo,on a acer tm 513 (celeron,64ram) I have installed puppy FULL but grub freeze my keyboard (it make the same with other distro)
    Therefore I installed delilinux /dev/hda1 which is using lilo and installed puppy on a different partition /dev/hda3 mounted on /mnt

    I have copied initrd.gz in the /boot folder of hda3 where there is also vmlinuz and folder /grub ( installed on /root)

    Edited lilo.conf to add Puppy as follows:

    image = /mnt/boot/vmlinuz
    root = /dev/hda3
    label = Puppy

    Whel lilo starts and select Puppy I get the following message:
    Kernel-panic-not syncing :VFS Unable to mount root fs on unhnown-block (3,3)

    I think I did not copy kernel in /boot but I did not find it in the cdrom-live
    How can I copy it?

    Thank for help

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    Stick in the PuppyOS CD-ROM and when its booted run GParted and make a new partition. Then I think it has a Lillo Config. so you that. If it doesn't let me know and I'll do some hunting for a correct config for Lillo Config on Puppy Linux.

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