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    linpus installation

    Well, first of all I'm a newbie and I don't know much.
    I have a an asus Eee with 0,9GHz cpu, 512MByte ram and someone got it for me from another country. It has russian xp home but they are not fast at all.
    A friend told me it runs linpus linux lite version.
    I decided to install them as I went to a shop and saw how this software works and I liked it.
    I downloaded (torrent) an iso image and burned it on a cd.
    using a dvd drive(external) I booted from that cd.
    the problem is that I have 2 options:
    run live cd
    boot from hard drive

    the second drives me to xp again. the first runs linpus but I don't know how to install it..
    Is it too much to ask if there is also a possibility to install it in the SD 16GByte?
    that way I could keep both softwares??
    Does anybody know??
    Also, what happens with the device drivers(sound&image)? do I need to download something? Or it is just plug and play?
    Is it plug and play with the wifi too?

    thank you in advance for your help.

    by the way I know nothing about russian...

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    the thing is that, when I run live cd, there sould be an installation icon somewhere, but I can't find it...
    I'm really desperate and I have no idea what to do next.
    Please help me..
    anyone how has installed linpus 9.4??

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    Hi I have been trying to do this also.

    At the boot menu of the Live CD there is an option to install.
    There is no icon to install like there is in Ubuntu for instance

    However when I try the install option, it stops at the select partition stage, and reboots back to the beginning again

    It cant be that hard to do. Can anyone help?


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    Hi! yes it cant be that hard..still haven't found a way..
    please...anyone how knows...?
    the thing you described, I can't find it..
    where did you get your live cd? I mean do you have a link to the iso image you downloaded? to me It doesn't say anything to the boot menu.
    also if you don't mind, could you please upload exactly the procedure you follow to that option(in the boot menu)? what to press in the start, e.t.c.
    Thank you very much!

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    I found the download at LINPUS
    It's not a very good website. Even though it looks like there should be 3 different versions, in reality there is only linpus lite.

    Anyway, here is the link.
    It's a DVD iso file that you must burn to a DVD, which is bootable

    If you boot from the DVD, it has a standard boot menu, one of which is installation and another is a live CD.

    I like the live version. It's more sophisticated than the version found on the Acer Aspire One, but it's still very simple, with nice colours and large Icons. I'm thinking of putting it on my Parents' PC, as well as my HP2133.

    However, although the installation option appears to start, it always stops at the point of choosing a partition, and goes back to the beginning again.

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    A bit of an update: I succeeded to install Linpus to another laptop.
    Rather than stopping and restarting at the select partition stage, this one found the partitions and continued to the end!

    It was a bit basic for a full size laptop, but at least it shows that the install option from the dvd works.

    However the one I really want Linpus for is my HP2133 - and that still wont install althouhg it works fine as a live CD session

    So it looks as if something is preventing it seeing the hard disc properly.
    A bit of investigation reveals it's a scsi disc (it comes up as sda under gparted and fdisk)

    So is there anything i can do to the install, (for instance in grub), that will enable the install to see the sda scsi disc?

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