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    SUSE 10 - Apache

    I'm very new at Linux.
    I installed an apache on a Suse desktop edition 10. I'm able to get it working, but always have to start the server manual. I allways have to type "su root apachectl start" and then everything works fine.
    But I would like it to start when the server boots up. So I would love to install it as a service. I used "chkconfig --add apachectl" and "chkconfig --add httpd" but always receive an unknown service error.
    Can somebody tell me how I have to install the apache as a service so it boots up automatically?
    Thanks in advance !!!

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    You could put the command to start the service in /etc/rc.local. Did you install apache from source or using the package manager?

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    I installed it from source. It's not included in the standard Suse desktop edition. So had to download the package and install it.

    Can't find the /etc/rc.local :-s

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    Check for it in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. I use Debian and I think Suse puts the rc.local in a different spot.

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    OK thanks a lot for the fast support !!!
    Found it in the /etc/rc.d directory. Added a script (only one line - . /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl start) and then installed it as a service with the chkconfig command. Works fine!

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