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    can't read filenames/can't install convmv/can't run make install as root

    A linux newbie, I aspired to learn it with the Acer one, with the lipus linux lite. I plugged in my usb external disk and it would only show some files, I presume it cannot read greek filenames since I installed an ntfs reading software. I downloaded convmv-1.13 which is now sitting unpacked in my downloads folder.
    I opened a terminal while having highlighted the convmv file so it is shown in the header, I commanded su so the command prompt changed to hash and I wrote make install and pressed enter. The answer came as "bash: make :command not found"
    I am sure I don't know what I am talking about, so I will try to formulate some questions:
    -opening a terminal headed convmv does it mean I am working on this particular program, or should I specify it otherwise?
    -am I doing something wrong with the make install command?
    -does anyone out there knows any other programm to convert my filenames to UTF-8 so linux can rad them, or any other solution whatsoever

    I would appreciate any help (I am sure there is a reward in paradise too)


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    welcome to the forum

    > "bash: make :command not found"

    this error message means you haven't installed any
    version of the "make" program, or if you have,
    then it's not in your path.

    my version of make lives in /usr/bin; try "which
    make" to locate yours

    if not found, then you need to get it from
    somewhere. On my debian system, I would issue
    (as root) the command "apt-get install make"

    > greek

    sorry, can't help
    the sun is new every day (heraclitus)

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    Eventually I installed convmv using Xfce, then I discovered ntfs-3g would make my job anyway , only I needed to remount my external drive after running a command (not been able to read the drive was the problem I started with)
    Thanks again

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