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    Iinpus linux lite - Installing software

    Ok so im completly new here and also completly new to linux OS the fact of the matter is that i had never even seen the linux OS before 4pm today

    i admit its pretty and im still getting used to it but one thing that i am not able to grasp is the installation of software

    i was reading through the tutorial in the other part of the forum but i was completly unable to comprehend what on earth it all meant

    it says its a beginners guide but i cant make head nor tail of it >__>

    im using a Acer One

    and any help would be appreciated

    preferably and extremly "for idiots" guide

    also i am unsure whether this is posted in the right forum, i am sorry if it is in the wrong place ^_^;;

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    1. press alt+f2 or go to Files->My Documents to open the File Manager and then go to File->Terminal.
    2. In the terminal type: xfce-setting-show
    3. Click Desktop, then go to Behaviour tab
    4. Enable "Show desktop menu on right click"
    5. Right clicking on the desktop will now give you more options.
    6. Click System-> Add/Remove Software
    7. Give your password

    You will see the available software and can choose to install anything that is on that list.
    You must be connected to the Internet, so it can download the programs and install them for you.

    Or open the terminal and type:
    sudo yum install <program_name>
    For example:
    sudo yum install vlc
    The above command will install VLC video player.

    You can also see a video of these instructions Yet Another Technology Site: How to install programs in Acer Aspire Onehere.

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    Thankyou ^_^ it made so much more sense coming from you like that ^_^

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