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    Talking Linux/Windows Networking

    Hi all,

    Forgive me if there is already a post about this but I can't find it. If you know it please give me the link. Anyway, I'm considering the purchase of a netbook. as a lot of us know most of these things run some form of linux. Also, a lot of these machines have a small amount of memory. Now, I have a desktop is currently running XP Pro with a fair amount of HDD space available. I was wondering if it were possible to host programs on my Desktop, And run them on the linux run netbook. OF coarse the programs would have to be Linux compatible in the first place no problem. also i know there's the possibility i'd have to either turn my desktop into a server or just Buy a new server PC. ULTIMATELY my question is the following: Is it possible to run programs off a Windows network share, using Linux.

    P.S. this would probably be done wireless, I'm also aware that doing this wireless will most likely take forever. But I'd still like to see the outcome.

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    A few different ways it sounds like

    It sounds like you could go about doing what your asking a few different ways. Though none of them will help the "low memory" problem if your talking in terms of ram, but if HDD space is what your concerned about you could either get a thumbdrive/external hdd, you could also probably setup a network share with SAMBA, or you could use vnc and just connect to another pc and control it from there, although this is nice unless you plan to do things like watch movies or play games. Hope this helps.

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