Hi there. I hope this is the right forum to post this question.

I'm using Sendmail version 8.13.6. I was looking at the rulesets in the sendmail.cf file.

R$+ < @ $+ .FAX. > $#fax $@ $2 $: $1 user@host.FAX

It's my understanding that the left hand side is the expression to match, the middle is the mailer that it is passed to if the expression matches, and the right hand side is the comment for clarification.

What I am wanting to do is pass the data to a program instead of a mailer if the expression is slightly different:

R$+ < @ $+ 1234567.FAX. > | someprogram passed to a program

I remember reading in the sendmail manual that the data can be piped to a program instead being sent to a defined mailer, but I cannot find any examples of this. Could anyone provide me with step by step instructions and a concrete example?


IT Administrator