Okay, I've been trying to install tar.gz files so I can install a couple of programs.
I'm using an Asus EEEpc 900 that came with Xandros on it, and I'm a COMPLETE Linux noob. I barely know anything, and what I do know, I learned from a friend of mine who is a Linux pro but is too busy/uncaring to help me out often :P

Anyways, I don't seem to have a "make" command, which apparently is essential for compiling from tar.gz files to install software. Is there any way I can get a make command that I can use to finish compiling these packages? (Specifically, I'm trying to install WinRAR and VisualBoyAdvance - both which use tar.gz packages)

Or does Xandros use some other command or whatnot to compile files from a tar.gz?

Thanks in advance