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    [SOLVED] AntixM8/T-Mobile help

    I posted this on antix forum and was directed here for a "more experienced user"

    I am having a problem with connecting to the internet on Antix M8
    . I'm with t-mobile broadband, and have a Huawei E160 usb modem. I have tried using Umtsmon, with not much luck.

    It finds the modem, but requires authentication. When I try to disable authentication, Umtsmon tells me that I should have root priveliges.

    I then log out, and try to log in as root, at which point antix login page tells me "Failed to issue login command" I have been using 'root' for password and user. I have to reboot and Antix defaults to demo.
    I have also tried the other dialup program in Antix,(gDial I think.) this just gets stuck on 'sending password'
    I am sure there is something I am not doing right, if anybody could help me I will be grateful.

    Quote Originally Posted by eriefisher
    I don't think you can login as root. If you log in as user/user and then su to root in a terminal or use gksu for x apps then you will have root permission.
    Help please

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    Hey Pete. How is it going? For best results for finding out how to connect your wireless. Post your thread in this part Wireless Internet - Linux Forums of the forum.

    Follow the instructions from this link

    First before posting your new thread. Following these instructions to the best of your ability will make it easier for forum members to diagnose your problem and give advice on how to get you going. Let them know you are running AntiX in live mode on cd only. Welcome to LFO and Good Luck Pete.
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    Hi Roky, Thanks,I'll try there too.
    I think I'm only 1 step away from my goal, I got dsl to do the job, I'm using it now. but I like Antix, its newer. I'll get there, I havent used windows now for several weeks. I'm just learning bit by bit. Thanks again, I'll let you know how I get on.

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    Cool. When you post this thread in Wireless section of the forum use the thread tool at top of page where your first post is at and mark this thread as solved (only you as the thread starter can do this, although a moderater can do it to but its better if you do it). The reason I am mentioning this is to avoid double posting on the same subject. Something the forum rules frown upon. So just close out this thread as solved, after you start the new one in Wireless part of forum. Which will lock it and you will be following forum guide lines.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Thanks for your hel Roky

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