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    CentOS4, insalling extensions....

    Hi there

    Sorry, I am new to these forums and Linux (and this maybe in the wrong place!).

    My problem is this:

    I have a dedicated server with CentOS4, I was wondering if extensions for RedHat were compatible?

    I want to install open office headless and there seems to be no distribution specifically for CentOS4, maybe I am just stupid but isn't it based on RedHat and couldn't I install a build for RedHat on there?

    Thanks for your time, and please feel free to move this post...


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    You could, it would just have to be the right architecture. The thing you have to look at is what version of RHEL those RPM files are for, because they might depend on a lot of libraries that you will also have to install manually. You will probably end up in dependency hell plus you could really mess up your system this way. I would take a backup of the server before attempting to do this.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The problem is we're paying for a dedicated server and have limited control. The tech guy at the hosting company said he can't find open office headless that is compatible with our version - I think there is a possibility that they can't be bothered to dig around.

    My aim was to find a version that should work and send him the details of how to do it - so he has no excuse!

    If there are a lot of "maybe's" and potential problems I'm sure he wouldn't do it for various reasons, one being the possibility of reinstalling the server which is probably too much work for them...

    Any other advice is welcome, I really hope that I am able to install open office, need to convert powerpoint presentations to jpg stills... :@ aargh

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    is this for a webapp on the fly? or can you just convert them on your own machine then upload

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    Its for a web app So it needs to be automated... I need the user to upload a powerpoint file, convert to jpeg and insert into flash ....

    I would definately do it myself if I could, I normally use win XP so could just use powerpoint itself to do that for me.


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    There is no effective difference between CentOS and RHEL, no matter the version, so if you can get the software for RHEL in rpm files, you can install it on your CentOS system with yum or rpm. Finding the files is mostly a matter of digging and googling.
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