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    Installation STRONG problem

    hi, i tried to install yoper unsuccesfully.
    my problem is the installer has always a deadlock, with out a context-rule: sometimes freezes during hd partitioning, sometimes during installation, sometimes before typing "yoper".
    I tried many times but always the same problem.
    i also tried burning a new iso and use it for installation.
    i tried also to boot with novesa mode.

    I want to install yoper onto an ASUS M6822NEBP notebook, and i yet tried to run memtest searching for ram errors, but none.

    i also tried to run this boot string:

    novesa noapic apm=off acpi=on noscsi nodma

    but installer freezes anywhere.
    I tried to install yoper on another centrino based laptop with similar configuration (but not an asus one) and yoper installed succesfully, without any deadlock.

    what can i do to install yoper on my asus laptop?

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    Have you made any modifications to the hardware on the asus notebook? have you tried installing any other Linii (i.e. slack, gentoo, debian, etc) on it?

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    I've not made any changes in the notebook, and i yet tried to run knoppix live and suse live (without installing them).

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    i discovered i did a mistake about the kenel commands booting the cd.

    now i tried:
    novesa append = (all the possible choices found in the yoper's forum)

    but laptop always freezes

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    so that didn't fix anything?

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    no it didn't.
    so i tried installing debian (sarge).
    with debian installer i can choose 2.4 or 2.6 kernel.
    if i choose 2.4 one, the same trouble and freezes take place.
    if i choose 2.6 one, debian successfully installs.
    so i think my yoper's installation trouble could be due to a not well-choosen booting's kernel configuration by yoper's developer, which can't work correctly with all machines.

    what do u think, and do u know if i can do anythind else to succesfully install yoper?

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    well, when you boot the yoper cd, make sure you select the 2.6 kernel, thats the one that is more recent and has a considerabley larger laptop hardware selection built in, the kernel shiped with yoper does have a few minor patches, but nothing that would prohibit laptop support, exactly how far into the install does it get before freezing?
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    also, what type of fs are you trying to install on. several people i know have had trouble with reiser4. just a thought. and the 2.6 kernel is another good idea

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    i always choosed ext3 fs, but i think it doesn't matter because yopers installation freezes also before typing yoper or before drive partitioning.

    when i boot the yoper's cd, i can't find any option which lets me to choose beetween different kernel images. Do u know one?

    when i launch yoper booting installation cd, it freezes without a time-rule: sometimes freezes during the booting of the kernel, sometimes partitioning the hard drive or formatting the partition, sometimes before typing yoper to start the installer.
    One time the installer reached the package installation even if system freezes after few seconds since package installation have been started.

    So i can't exactly establish how far into the install does it get before freezing.

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    Have you tried this alternate installation method?

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