Hi every one it's me again

I'm trying to use snort, but it's the first time so I've installed it, I've mysql up and running, and when I start snort with:


It doesn't seems to have any trouble, but when I start it with the promiscous mode with the option -- a or -- D appears the following:

]# snort -- A
Snort BPF option: A
Running in IDS mode with inferred config file: /etc/snort.conf

--== Initializing Snort ==--
Initializing Output Plugins!
Initializing Preprocessors!
Initializing Plug-ins!
Parsing Rules file /etc/snort.conf
PortVar 'HTTP_PORTS' defined : [ 80 ]
PortVar 'SHELLCODE_PORTS' defined : [ 0:79 81:65535 ]
PortVar 'ORACLE_PORTS' defined : [ 1521 ]
Frag3 global config:
Max frags: 65536
Fragment memory cap: 4194304 bytes
Frag3 engine config:
Target-based policy: FIRST
Fragment timeout: 60 seconds
Fragment min_ttl: 1
Fragment ttl_limit (not used): 5
Fragment Problems: 1
Stream5 global config:
Track TCP sessions: ACTIVE
Max TCP sessions: 8192
Memcap (for reassembly packet storage): 8388608
Track UDP sessions: INACTIVE
Track ICMP sessions: INACTIVE
Log info if session memory consumption exceeds 1048576
Stream5 TCP Policy config:
Reassembly Policy: FIRST
Timeout: 30 seconds
Min ttl: 1
Maximum number of bytes to queue per session: 1048576
Maximum number of segs to queue per session: 2621
Static Flushpoint Sizes: YES
Reassembly Ports:
21 client (Footprint)
23 client (Footprint)
25 client (Footprint)
42 client (Footprint)
53 client (Footprint)
80 client (Footprint)
110 client (Footprint)
111 client (Footprint)
135 client (Footprint)
136 client (Footprint)
137 client (Footprint)
139 client (Footprint)
143 client (Footprint)
445 client (Footprint)
513 client (Footprint)
514 client (Footprint)
1433 client (Footprint)
1521 client (Footprint)
2401 client (Footprint)
3306 client (Footprint)
rpc_decode arguments:
Ports to decode RPC on: 111 32771
alert_fragments: INACTIVE
alert_large_fragments: ACTIVE
alert_incomplete: ACTIVE
alert_multiple_requests: ACTIVE
Portscan Detection Config:
Detect Protocols: TCP UDP ICMP IP
Detect Scan Type: portscan portsweep decoy_portscan distributed_portscan
Sensitivity Level: Low
Memcap (in bytes): 10000000
Number of Nodes: 36900

Tagged Packet Limit: 256
Loading all dynamic preprocessor libs from /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/...
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_ftptelnet_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_ssl_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_dcerpc_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_dns_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_smtp_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//libsf_ssh_preproc.so... done
Loading dynamic preprocessor library /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor//lib_sfdynamic_preprocessor_example.so... done
Finished Loading all dynamic preprocessor libs from /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/
FTPTelnet Config:
Inspection Type: stateful
Check for Encrypted Traffic: YES alert: YES
Continue to check encrypted data: NO
Ports: 23
Are You There Threshold: 200
Normalize: YES
Detect Anomalies: NO
FTP Server: default
Ports: 21
Check for Telnet Cmds: YES alert: YES
Identify open data channels: YES
FTP Client: default
Check for Bounce Attacks: YES alert: YES
Check for Telnet Cmds: YES alert: YES
Max Response Length: 256

SMTP Config:
Ports: 25 587 691
Inspection Type: Stateful
Ignore Data: No
Ignore TLS Data: No
Ignore SMTP Alerts: No
Max Command Line Length: Unlimited
Max Specific Command Line Length:
ETRN:500 EXPN:255 HELO:500 HELP:500 MAIL:260
RCPT:300 VRFY:255
Max Header Line Length: Unlimited
Max Response Line Length: Unlimited
X-Link2State Alert: Yes
Drop on X-Link2State Alert: No
Alert on commands: None

DCE/RPC Decoder config:
Autodetect ports ENABLED
SMB fragmentation ENABLED
DCE/RPC fragmentation ENABLED
Max Frag Size: 3000 bytes
Memcap: 100000 KB
Alert if memcap exceeded DISABLED
Reassembly increment: DISABLED

DNS config:
DNS Client rdata txt Overflow Alert: ACTIVE
Obsolete DNS RR Types Alert: INACTIVE
Experimental DNS RR Types Alert: INACTIVE
Ports: 53
SSLPP config:
Encrypted packets: not inspected
443 465 563 636 989
992 993 994 995

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +
Initializing rule chains...
0 Snort rules read
0 detection rules
0 decoder rules
0 preprocessor rules
0 Option Chains linked into 0 Chain Headers
0 Dynamic rules
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

+-------------------[Rule Port Counts]---------------------------------------
| tcp udp icmp ip
| src 0 0 0 0
| dst 0 0 0 0
| any 0 0 0 0
| nc 0 0 0 0
| s+d 0 0 0 0

| memory-cap : 1048576 bytes
| none
| none
| none
Rule application order: activation->dynamic->pass->drop->alert->log
Log directory = /var/log/snort
Verifying Preprocessor Configurations!
0 out of 512 flowbits in use.
*** interface device lookup found: eth0

Initializing Network Interface eth0
ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed:
syntax error
PCAP command: A
Fatal Error, Quitting..


any ideas?

Thank you