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    Best multimedia distro

    Hi there i was wondering what the distro with the best multimedia support is?
    I dont care if it is out of the box, or a pop-up that says download this codec. I dont want to have to go searching for codecs.
    I would like to watch all my movies in linux but I have never been able to get media support as good as windows. (MPC + Klite codec mega pack is amazing).
    Also I am partial to KDE but I would take recommendations for distros with other WM too.

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    Linux Mint installs all the codecs automatically. I use the XFCE desktop on mine, but any of them are available.
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    Ubuntu and openSuse also. In openSuse once you install it, look (google it) for multimedia codecs "one click install" This will take you to the link/website where you can install all the codecs for kde in one click and using the "safety" of Yast.

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    You might want to have a look at Dynebolic, it's a full featured multimedia distro.
    d y n e : b o l i c -- a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD
    It's also a LiveCD, you can test it out without installing it to the HD.
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    what about pardus? does it have good multimedia support? i just read a good review about it. How does it compare to the others you have mentioned... in terms of multimedia.

    Also is it possible for me to have as good support for media in linux compared to windows? I am really bothered when audio starts to seperate from video and other such things. I know you can manually fix it with some programs but that is a bother. Could it be that some codecs have never been ported to linux?

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