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    Help me to find a small linux with KDE

    Hi All

    I wish to know, Is there any small linux (Linux which requires less space like Damn Small Linux) with KDE.

    I am using Microsoft Virtual PC, in which Debian is installed. Ever time when I start, It takes more time and some times it gives an error "Host does not have enough memory to run" (My Host OS is Windows XP).

    So I decided to find a Linux which loads fast, requires small space and mainly with KDE. I think "Damn Small Linux" comes with out KDE, so I cant prefer it.

    Please can any one suggest me a Small Linux.

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    I guess You could Try THIS on for Size or THIS
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    The problem is that KDE4 is huge, so it will be hard to find any small distro that contains KDE4.

    You could take a look at installing the Arch Linux base system, then putting KDEmod on top of that. KDEmod allows you to pick only the parts of KDE4 (or KDE3) that you would want to install rather than having to install large groups of packages.

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    FaunOS is pretty light


    I'm looking for a lightweight distro, too. I'm testing out FaunOS which looks promising so far. It is bigger than DSL, but I don't believe it to be unbearable.

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    Out of curiosity, what are the machine spec's on your host system?

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    I have configured my Virtual PC with 256 MB Ram and 10 GB Hard Disk. My Host PC has 1 GB Ram

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    I don't believe the issue is the guest you are trying to run, but that you are running out of memory on your host. I'm pretty sure that Virtual PC on top of what it takes to run is going to try to reserve the 256MB for the guest as well so you are close to 300MB give or take. XP with AV running is gonna run you close to 400MB on average, so you are going to be around 700MB with just XP+AV+Virtual PC... add up the rest of your programs that is running and your system is going to choke; doesn't matter how big of a page file you use either (sure technically this will help but not to maintain a usable system)...

    You need more memory for your machine if you really do insist on using XP as your host machine or you drop down the memory for the guest to 128 and use a minimalist Linux install with a lightweight window manager like xfce. Do you really need KDE running? Another option that is available to you is to not let the guest OS boot into runlevel 5 and keep it at runlevel 3, then have your host run the actual xserver part via cygwin and export your display from the VM to the host.

    Other than the above, you can dual boot or try running XP in the VM with a linux host.

    These are just my observations.

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