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    Question chroot to another shell through network??

    Alright so I mounted the root directory of another system into `/root/aquamount` using sshfs.
    That system uses /bin/ash as a shell (which is a soft-link to /bin/busybox)

    My system uses /bin/bash as a shell

    When I run `chroot /root/aquamount /bin/ash` I get the following error:

    Inconsistency detected by rtld.c: 1192: dl_main: Assertion `(void *) ph->p_vaddr == _rtld_local._dl_sysinfo_dso' failed!

    I need to do this because this system is an embedded system for a robot and it doesn't have gcc, make, apt-get, etc... Therefore, I need to install a package from source and I need ./configure to think the libraries on that system are actually the "only one existing" so that it compiles properly for that given system (i.e. I don't want it to use my Ubuntu 9.04 libraries as the robot uses an older set of them...)

    Any ideas of what the error is about and how to fix it??

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    I can't provide any help to this error. One thing you may want to try is simply invoking /root/aquamount/bin/ash to see if the architectures are compatible.

    However, as a bit of a downer, I would not recommend what you are trying to do. If the system does not have gcc then when you chroot gcc will no longer be in your path (in fact you will not be able to find it at all unless you mount your root drive from your other PC).
    ./configure will require gcc to be in the $PATH, if it isn't, it won't complete properly.

    Generally embedded systems like this are built using a specialised build environment (which usually has a cross-compiler when using different architectures), and the only way to build more software for them is to use this build environment, or something similar.
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