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    Questions about Moblin-Suse, etc.

    I have been looking for a good Linux distribution for a new netbook I got and for a long time was considering using Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Then when I saw the 2.0 Beta for Moblin I switched my mind to possibly using Moblin.
    Now I'm confused because I know there is the actual website but now I hear how Novell is having an SUSE version of Moblin and also there is word about Xandros, Linpus doing versions of Moblin and even a Moblin version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
    I'm confused by these versions. Is it the same as Ubuntu in the sense of you have Ubuntu but then Edubuntu and other Ubuntu based distros by Canonical and even Ubuntu derivatives by other non Canononical groups?
    Are they basically a Linux distro with a Moblin like desktop (instead of KDE for example)?
    Is Moblin kind of like Android, Linux based but maybe it's own separate system?
    I am kind of new to reading up on Moblin so am very confused as you can tell. Thank you for your help.

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    Moblin seems to be almost a desktop or window manager that sits on top of linux and presents the same face, in spite of hardware, from a quick look at it. I'm not sure that it's ready for full-time use yet, it seems to be still in a testing stage. If you're relatively new to linux, you may want to go with something a bit more solid at this time. These would be better for starting out.
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    Well I personally haven't used any of them but I can speculate a bit. Ubuntu flavored release for a eeepc or netbook would be ubuntu, but more optimized underneath to run better on that hardware (since they have the hardware specifics beforehand.. unlike their desktop releases). Moblin seems to be the same.. an os optimized and meant to be run on a netbook/eeepc.

    Also if you already have the netbook/eeepc why not go ahead and give them a shot.. and see which one you like better. I mean you can read all about them but it always comes down to which one works for YOU better regardless of how others found it (ofcourse if ppl point out any severe lack of features or problems.. then stay away).

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