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Thread: puppy linux

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    puppy linux

    I want to run my application automatically once boot the system.How to do this in Puppy linux.

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    Could you please elaborate as to what the application is (name would do)?

    Do you have Puppy installed on your hard drive or are you running it from the Live CD?

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    actually i want to run my Gaming application.
    I am booting puppy linux from DOM (disk on module).
    Right now i am running script on terminal to run these application.
    Now i want to run automatically this Game application once i boot the system.

    I think you got my idea.

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    A Game is a very big field - is it at least a Linux Game?

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    I don't have a puppy distro to check on, but it seems to me that the commands could be added to the end of one of the init scripts, so that it starts as soon as you log in.
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    IN the root folder in almost all versions of puppylinux and most puplets there is a startup folder , scripts in there get run right after the boot up finishes. Just make a scritp in there with the command to run your game and it will run as soon as puppy finishes booting up.

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    There should be a script in there for the puplets take a look at it to ge tthe syntax down for how it should work.

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