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    Imedia Linux Accessing Windows drive


    I installed IMedia Linux on a machine and I'm having a hard time connecting to a shared drive on my Windows XP pc.

    It comes with a GUI file browser that sees things on my network but will not browse all the way to my pc.

    I tried this:

    mount -t smbfs -o username=winuser,password=mypassword //windowsserver/sharename /mnt/win

    but it seems like Samba is not installed (I will look into that, I've never installed it) but I'm still curious about something I see in the stratup scripts:

    echo "Starting SMB browser"
    /usr/bin/smbnetfs /mnt/samba -o allow_other,gid=6,default_permissions

    I have not found much info on smbnetfs other then it is used to access windows shares and I'd like to know if I could use it to achieve my goal of accessing my windows shared drives.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance; olacelle

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    Many distros come without samba installed. That is the first thing to try. Once installed your windows share should be found.

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    It seems like my first problem was due to the fact that my linux machine was plugged in to a different network than my Windows machine. Once I realised and fixed that I was able to browse to my machine through the Xfce desktop / Places / Windows Network shortcut. but once I clicked on my machine name I got a permission denied message and I don't see any possibility of entering a username / password. I'm getting fed up with linux... and I'm not sure I would recommend IMedia linux but I guess as a Linux newbie I'm not qualified enough to give that kind of advice... but still that's been my experience so far...

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    Problem with windows. I thought I gave all permissions to my share, but I didn't. I had done it under the security tab but not under share / permissions.

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