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    Puppy Linux help

    Well, just installed a FULL copy of Puppy Linux on a partition, dual booting it with windows. Anyways, after i installed it, i tried to set up internet with no success.

    It found my driver, when i tested the eth0, it found a network, i even asked it to do the auto dhcp or what ever its called, with was done with no problems.

    After all this, i attempted to go back on the net, but it told me the address was wrong. I have no idea why the internet doesn't work. I'm not using wifi, this computer has a modem, through a cable box.

    I opened up the console, typed in route, and I do have an ip. Any thoughts?

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    Please tell us which version of Puppy do you have.
    I never had a similar problem with Puppy but I am curious to find the solution because someone who has problems with Puppy that hurts.
    Please tell us also about the modem (some Cable-Modems do have a standby button if you touch it (even not knowing it) you don't have internet. When you press this button again Internet returns.

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    Im using the newest version of puppy. My modem is the surfboard modem, and, after reinstalling puppy (after reformatting), i get a different problem....when i setup the connection, the shell simply times out, and stops the connection.

    I have checked the eth0, and it is up...

    Any ideas?

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    2 different problems on 2 installs might suggest that md5sum isn't correct (did you check it?) or maybe a bad burn at to fast of a speed maybe. Computerphil and I both run Puppy and even though Puppy is pretty forgiving and installed ok, something sounds a little fishy. Can you post your md5sum nimbers so we can see if they match maybe? Also is this the 4.12 standard or 4.12 retro version?
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