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Thread: Caos Linux

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    Caos Linux

    I found this on distro watch, down at the bottom of the list. I wanted to find out if anybody had used it, and what they thought of it. I am looking for a distro that will run very fast, very well on a compaq presario c700. I would just like to know if you think that it will work on this computer, and what it's advantages over other distros are.

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    Hello and Welcome.
    I've never heard of Caos Linux before, why don't you take it for a spin and let us know how it goes. Sounds promising.
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    I took a look at their website, and it actually looks like quite an interesting project. If I were someone looking for a Red Hat/CentOS alternative, it might be appealing. According to their site, "Caos Linux is a community-assembled operating system specially developed with nodes, servers, and appliances in mind. "

    With that in mind, I recommend that you absolutely do not install this on your laptop. It may be great at what it's for, but as I've seen many many times on these forums, people install server and Enterprise orientated distros, when what they really are looking for is a general purpose desktop operating system, and trouble ensues. So, assuming you want relatively trouble-free wireless, easy access to codecs and multimedia software, or a varied and wide selection of packages that you don't have to build from source yourself, look to a different distro.

    If you want something light and quick, take a look at Crunchbang or Antix, or use LXDE on Mandriva, or any lightweight variation on a major distro that is aiming at a desktop market.

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    The fastest distro that I know is Crux.
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    Thank you very much for the advice, with it, I will not try out caos, or at least not until I have another laptop, that will let me do whatever I want to this one. BTW #! is the bomb.

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