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    General question regarding drivers


    I am working on omap zoom2 board. I have a generic question that when we compile our kernel (with all modules included in kernel as .o files drivers). When kernel is booted, does it load all the drivers by default (all .o files that are included in kernel for drivers) or we have to do something manually? how do we can the change the order of drivers loading in linux?


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    Modules are not loaded by default. Some are loaded automatically when required, others you specify in a configuration file (usually called modules.conf or conf.modules or just modules depending on your distribution) and they will be loaded during the boot process. You can also load modules by hand using the modprobe command and this is sometimes useful for a module that you use only occasionally.

    I think the order of modules is the order in which they are requested, except that when a module depends on other modules, modprobe always loads the dependencies first.
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