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    Error using Pendrivelinux with NTFS removable media.

    Heya. I have a 500GB NTFS removable media that I'd like to use to backup my computer after it crashed and managed to get some system files corrupted (I was using Windows). So I booted off a Pendrivelinux USB stick into "NTFS read-write mode," and attempted to copy files onto the external hard drive. Unfortunately, I quickly found that the hard drive was set to read-only (permission code 500), and any attempt to change it resulted in a the following error:

    Error: Konqueror

    Could not change permissions for /media/HD PART.

    HD PART is the drive name, btw.

    When I next rebooted the computer (still from the Linux key), I noticed the following charming message for /dev/sdc1 - the code for the hard drive I was using:

    Mounting NTFS filesystems: StayFile indicates unclean shutdown
    Failed to mount '/dev/sdc1: Operation not supported
    Mount is denied because NTFS logfile is unclean. Choose one action:
    Boot Windows and shutdown it cleanly, or if you have a removable
    device then click the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the Windows
    taskbar notification area before disconnecting it.
    Run ntfsfix on Linux unless you have Vista, then mount NTFS
    with 'force' option read-write, or with the 'ro' option read-only.
    Mount the NTFS volume with the 'ro' option in read-only mode.

    Being a newbie to Linux, I have no idea what the above means, and after trawling the web, have found no solutions. Any and all help will be appreciated

    Thank you.

    P.S. Forgot to mention: Pendrivelinux is technically Mandriva, but I believe it's been pared down to fit on a USB drive. Hope that helps.

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    Hi linkhyrule5 and welcome to the forum. I think your problem might be related to something similar I recently experienced. Check out this thread and see if it helps any.
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