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    Red face question!

    really im not sure if im even in the right spot im new to these forums so firstly HELLO!
    iv been playing with this old cassiopeia e-105 palm with windows ce on it
    iv looked for linux ce pages but everything looks dead every link i find online saying anything about a linux ce distro has dissapeared ... could anyone possibly point me in the right direction or have a version of ce

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    I don't think there are any active distros for your needs.

    This is about the best info I could find.
    TuxMobil: Debian GNU/Linux for PDAs an Unofficial Proposal

    There are only a few distros with official support for MIPS processors, Debian being one of them.

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    You can probably install a Debian minimal build for MIPS and slowly add programs until it gets too slow, at which time uninstall the last program. You will be pioneering an old piece of hardware, but if you have the time and inclination, it should be interesting. You could then post an article detailing the steps you used to getting it working for those who want to do the same.
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    ty ty, ill check out that debian if i manage to get something running ill post some pictures

    btw the reason i want to do this is because this pda has IR and i think i may be able to get it and my arduino to talk to each other via IR and i would rather have linux on it anyway other then windows

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