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    Centos + Solaris + SmoothWall

    I never use linux in my entire life but last month a was given a tough job which in handling linux server. Now i know why people say using linux is fun.
    I have a lot of question to ask, but first let me brief my netwoking system..
    Until last month i started to learn alot about linux and i found out certain thing i dont know i cant found it in Mr google. so i think i should start asking and be community.

    I have 7 server, and all the servers are fresh.

    Server 1 Hostname Firewall ( using Smoothwall --- use for Firewall and DHCP(Not up yet coz i still not found a place to learn using it)
    Server 2 Hostname Webserver ( using Centos 5.4 -- Apache 2 + PHP 5.2 + ISPConfig +MySQL
    Server 3 Hostname SambaDNS ( using Centos 5.4 -- PowerDNS + PowerAdmin + Samba
    Server 4 Hostname Webmail ( using Centos 5.4 -- SquirrelMail + Dovecot + Postfix
    Server 5 Hostname Sunray ( Using solaris 10 -- Sunray Client
    Server 6 Hostname ApacheTomcat ( using solaris 10 -- ApacheTomcat
    Server 7 Hostname MySql ( using solaris 10 --MySQL (used by apache Tomcat)

    I managed to install it by myself using tutorial and guide being posted around the internet. Here are my question :

    1) About DNS, i found out when setting the DNS I need to put 2 nameserver. it say primary and secondary.. i only using 1 DNS server, so did i have to install PowerDNS in other server also?

    2) How to make this situation become reality :

    I want when a user login in his computer (using Vista bussiness), the OS will automatically mount a folder in /var/www/html/"username". So that the user can edit their website anywhere.

    Pardon for my english, i from malaysia, and currently here, we still lack expertise in linux. so i dont have place to ask.


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    I think what you are looking for is the network drive mounting. I found a link that explains how to mount /var/www/html/ as a drive that can be opened from the My Computer drive listing.

    Here is the link:

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    1) You only need one DNS server, the second one is basically a backup if the first one doesn't work. If you don't have a second DNS server, just delete it from the /etc/resolv.conf file.

    2) I don't know how many users you have, but if there aren't many it might make sense to just set up a samba share for each of the users. You would have to add a unix user that maps to each windows user, set it to share level security in the config file, and then make it so the only user that can access it is the owner (then you can map a drive in vista that automatically connects on login). If you have many users it may make sense to use samba as a domain controller.

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    To : bbos

    that could be alternatif for me, but what i going to do it juz like Novell. It not mount the whole /var/www/html.. but it mount the folder according to user login

    to : coopstah13

    1) okes thank you.

    2) okes thank, now i know it possible to do.

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