I am trying to extract an invisible tar file, getting child returns error 2.

So now I just wanna drag & drop the drivers in their respective file folders.

I know that I have the latest Kernel, [sigh] an I realy need the Attansil12 driver for LAN. NOT the L2. So knowing it is part of the kernel, how do I locate the file folder where the l1 driver lives ?

Also, where would I find the same/ equivelent for my WAN driver ?

They are both now "Guarded" by Atheros Dot Com

I have the drivers sitting on my pen drive.

I use DreamLinux 3.5 [on this one, 2.2 MMGL on others or 3.0] and am not able to detect the drivers out of the box on this laptop. [worked fine the first time on my friends Dell D600 I just set up for him].

I have a e Machines E 625 [ now rebranded as an Acer AS5516-5474] and I tried the lspci command and I tried to restart wicd.
On the LAN side, my card is visible an DreamLinux tells me the needed driver, but wicd Manager output screen does not see it, as there is no listing such as "eth0 or eth1".
I tried typing in the modems address [ &] an tried the Global DNS Settings, both as static and not in "Preferences" on wicd Manager.
I tried several bother commands, but no luck.

on the wan side, I have tried much less, but the wan0 shows up where it should on wicd restart.

I went to wicd . org and read about the bug these have, but it does not seem to apply to my particular situation. [sigh] Sooo much to read, then dead end.

Clue: My drivers on Win Vista just stopped working mysteriously too. I was darn sure that the card had died. I reinstalled the driver, and presto, both wan and lan work in windowzz.So perhaps I ruled out a hardware problem, eh ?

It was my dumb luck that the attnsic card/ driver was part of the linux kernel.

I tried the tar -xzvf Command in Terminal, but the file am physically looking at isn't visble to Archive Manager: No such file, child returned error 2, Status: something or other, not recoverable.
Gosh how annoying.

I realise you have heard this q like a million times, so before I posted I googled variations of the 'error 2 message' but no on has yet written a tutorial on what to do when you have an obviously existing tar file in your /opt folder and it is invisible to Archive Manager.

When this is resolved, I will write just that.

Any help ?