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    Anyone for Crux Linux here...?

    Hi Forum,

    This is my first post her, so Greetz to all of you gents...

    I may be new to Crux, but not to Linux in general, started may years ago with RHEL4 x64 /Fedora, jumped to OpenSUSE/CentOS, then came the Buntus, and now i have two workstations in my Lab ( I am an aerospace engineer, most of the apps that I use are non-commercial software compiled from source, and are real RAM/CPU hogs, I do a lot of 3D modelling, F.E.A., C.F.D, Genetic optimization, and mathematical prototyping of control systems (design/analysis) ) with FreeBSD Current, and CaeLinux, and two Lappies, one with Slackware64 1
    3 ( great distro btw ) and the other with Debian Lenny 64...

    So... i kinda' know my way around... but being new to Crux, I want to ask a few questions... :

    #1) I want to install Crux to an external USB HDD in one of the lappies, I wont have a wired internet connection to do so, so after installing the packages, and compiling my kernel, will I be able to enable X, wireless and some other basic stuff...?

    ( I have already tinkered a bit with Arch, and I did this after wget(ting) the whole repos core, contrib, and base to a folder and building my own local repo, but Arch is binary based.... while Crux is ports based... think this approach wont work w/ Crux...)

    #2) Is there a package repo for Crux, that will allow me to install a binary package without having to compile it from source... ( I can compile rather large packages,and I have already done so in Slackware, and I prefer doing so in very resource intensive applications ( I generally compile them with Intel C++ and Fortran compilers, and Math Kernel Libraries support) ) but building something like Gnome from source is a bit of a lengthy adventure... ... in FreeBSD there is the pkg_add -r <whatever> which will fetch and install what you want... is there something alike in Crux...?

    #3) How does Crux ( I am considering to use the german version w/ 64 bits from Ecarux ://]crux86_64) compare with Slackware and Arch in terms of speed of execution and RAM Footprint

    ...Slackware once fine tuned is hard to beat....



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    Hi alexvader and welcome to the forums!

    I don't know how I missed your thread but I guess later is better than not at all!

    I've never tried installing CRUX on a USB stick, but there may be someone out there who has. Some Googeling might turn up something there.

    Occasionally, I'll run into packages that are just too hard to compile because a bunch of errors I can't troubleshoot. In those instances, I'll go to a Slackware binary package. This has mostly worked for me.

    As far as RAM footprints go, I don't have any statistics for you and haven't used Arch. I have and still use Slackware on a few machines and use CRUX on a few others. I can tell you from my experience that CRUX runs rings around Slackware in the speed department but that likely has more to do with its very slimmed down kernel more than anything.

    Let us know how the CRUX USB install goes!
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