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Thanks for all the information.
Its 4GB not 4megs sorry.

I am leaning towards Umbuntu but had trouble installing drivers last time it tried it.
I wanted gos but looks like they don't support 64x. Does anybody know if this is true?

Thanks for the info on virtual box it looks perfect for what I want to do the only thing is It looks as if Linux would have to be the host because the windows processors running 32X window won't support hosting a 64X Linux OS.
My questions is can I move my current setup of windows programs and all into a guest position being hosted by my new Linux OS.
Like reed9 said, virtualization sounds like the way to go.
The easiest way might be to keep your existing Windows installation as your Host and install Ubuntu as a Guest.

If you've got a 64 bit processor with 4GB RAM, you're not going to see much of a difference between a 32bit OS and a 64bit OS ( About 1/2 GB RAM Difference which is shared used for video)
And with PAE Enabled, maybe no noticeable difference at all.

I've never done anything like this either, but this might do what you need.
Create A Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Hard Drive [Windows]

Might be able to do something like that with Clonezilla? Anyone know?
Yes, almost any Imaging software should work ...preferably a Live CD that you can mount as an ISO & boot from in your VM and restore it that way or over the network.

PING & Parted Magic are some great tools for this.