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    I need assistance updating to flash 10

    I need to update to flash 10, I have downloaded tar ball and need assistance installing the plugin. Using Linspire 6.0.17. Also need to upgrade to most recent version of firefox. Thanks...

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    You downloaded from adobe site? Preferably we should install from the package manager of our distro. Linspire has CNR (Click-N-Run) software installation application right? Did you check in it?

    Wrt file you downloaded, which type you downloaded rpm, deb or tar.gz?

    If it is rpm,
    rpm -Uvh <flashplayer>.rpm
    if it is deb package,
    dpkg -i <flashplayer>.deb
    I guess, Linspire uses .deb formats.
    In case you have downloaded .tar.gz format,
    tar zxvf <flashplayer>.tar.gz
    cp <libflashplayer>.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
    where <flashplayer> is the name of the flashplayer format you have downloaded and <libflashplayer> is the .so format file that get extracted. All commands to be executed as root (except for tar)
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