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    I have followed the steps given. All goes well untill this step
    dd bs=8M if=/home/<username>/easypeasy-1.5.img.iso of=/dev/sd[x]

    It doesnt recognise it as anything

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    That [x] needs a drive name like , a , b , c . I haven't looked at your fdisk -l or know where you downloaded easy peasy to or where your USB drive letter is. I am just pointing out the error in your line. The other members helping should get the right letters in there for you.

    Edit: I see after going to page one, that you haven't got to that step yet. Remember, Reed needs your
    sudo fdisk -l
    So he can tell you what to do with the dd command you are trying to run. Good thing [x] was in there as you dodged a bunch of grief going forward before following his instructions to the letter.

    2nd Edit: before running and posting the output of sudo fdisk -l, you will want to plug in the USB drive you are going to install Easy Peasy to so it will show up on sudo fdisk -l also.
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    Sorry should of explained better. I have the letter sdb1 at the end of my Fdisk. im inputing that and still not recognising the path

    dd bs=8M if=/home/downloads/easypeasy-1.5.img.iso of=/dev/sdb1

    that is how im entering it

    Im just following path and not entering username(I dont know what it is on the computer as my wife didnt enter anything. Im guessing its just user. I have tried user instead of download and get same)

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    I had everything typed out. Then my Big Fingers on My Little Asus Deleted everything.

    Starting Over. I think you need to be root user to run dd command. Since your wife did not set up a root password on your Acer. I Borrowed This Link from Reeds post on another thread in the forum

    The thread I borrowed from is below

    Hang in there
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Ive already set up root passwd before i even started this lol

    been reading a fair few pages before and trying various bits lol

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    dd bs=8M if=/home/downloads/easypeasy-1.5.img.iso of=/dev/sdb1
    This should not have the number at the end, but be /dev/sdb

    I would recommend posting the output of fdisk -l so we can confirm the correct drive, since it's easy to destroy data with this command.

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