Hello people.

I am an experienced Linux administrators and used iptables so far

We have recently changed our old Fc4 Linux (700 MHz Athlon) with a newer one on FreeBSD 7.2 that comes with pfctl by default

I found some good tutorials on the net and found out how to work with pfctl on a minimal range ...

Nat enabled , port redirect also .....

The thing is that in iptables i remember that
-A PREROUTING -j DNAT --to-destination LAN_ip -i ext_eth -p tcp -m tcp --dport 20:21
worked just fine

to make port forwarding in FreeBsd i used :
rdr on $ext_if proto {tcp,udp}  from any to any port {20,21} -> "lan_IP"
so if on iptables I could connect and dowload, on bsd i can login but i cant do "ls"

Guess i does not have something like ENSTABLISHED, RELATED to keep state ?