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Thread: Difficulties

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    Question Difficulties

    Hello everyone.

    I have encountered several difficulties and will be thankful if you are able to help:

    1. Lots of time, my eee pc refuses to do what I want because DCOPserver is running, though I do not really know how can I help it.
    2. I can not use usb device with my comp, as usb sd reader file does not exist. Could you please help me, how should I reinstall it again in linux?
    3. I would like to buy a webcam for my eee pc 2G Surf (linux), though sales consultants were not able to answer which model is appropriate for it.

    Thank you in advance


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    1. Please post the exact error messages you are receiving regarding the DCOPserver. This may be relevent to your problem.

    2. Need more information. Again, specific error messages are helpful and a detailed descritpion of what you did and the result.

    3. You can find some info on webcams here. Most USB webcams should work fine. Although Xandros using pretty old software, so compatibility might be limited for newer hardware.

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