Ok guys, firstly, sorry to keep bothering you, you all seem to have the patience of a saint with me

I have got a netgear wg311v2(the v2 might be important) i need to get this going under yoper. This is stage 1 of a very long process for me >.<.

a: i need wireless to connect to my broadband.
b: the above will allow me to update my yoper
c:which in turn should allow me to get decent ATi Drivers for my 9800pro
d:which will allow me to set up a multihead display.
e: this is teh important one, which in will allow me to get ut2k4 working.

I believe i should use ndiswrapper, or is it a prism2 card, whis isfo is very hard to come by, and the ndiswrapper instruction manual is a dog to read, if this works, we need to get a step by step, coherent, installation procedure, i will then pass this onto the yoper forums, and my own website. This may seem a little selfish, and ultimately it will benefit me first, but i will spread this info via my website, and, if i ever get round to it, i will get a domain, and host a yoper ISO, ( i have seen a domain, that, for 20 a year, will gie you 2Gb space, and, UNLIMITED TRAFFIC!!!!)which i beleive requires a

So, can anybody help me?