I'd like to make one like geexbox, which is rather good, since it loads into memory and is very quick. On the other hand, its interface is not dynamic and rather uncomfortable. Main things I don't like is how geexbox arranges files and directories not by name, doesn't stretch video to fit screen, exits to an empty screen when it can't play some file so I have to browse again. What I could quickly change are very annoying shortcuts, some of which don't even work on a laptop. Working on the rest would require many questions and waiting for answers, if there would be any. So basically you can tell about three things: 1 - the best way to either improve geexbox, 2 - work from the start (which would require much more work, and would be good to know though not practical for me) and 3 - best lightweight os that can be quickly compiled with VLC and setup live.
I also tried xbmc and it doesn't even load. I could very easily load ubuntu or any other lightweight live cd and install VLC onto it. But that would take RAM and unnecessary resources. And I want it to be on a cd so any computer can load with the same configuration. I'm really looking for someone quick to install.