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    Distros W/ wvdial

    Any distros that come with wvdial. I was wanting to get a linux distro back on my computer, but only have dialup, so I can't really keep anything updated without a connection

    hope this is the right spot :/

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    Hello and Welcome to the forums.
    I think wvdial is included in most modern distros, but I could be wrong. Here is a link to a wiki page that says:
    WvDial (pronounced 'weave-dial' [1]) is a utility that helps in making modem-based connections to the Internet that is included in some important Linux distributions.
    So there you have it, if it's on a wiki it must be true!
    Seriously though, it's such a small useful tool I don't think you'll have much trouble finding distros with it, or you can just download the latest and greatest version from freshmeat or sourceforge and install it yourself. It can't possibly be too hard and besides, if you need help with that, you know where to go.
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    you can install wvdial on any distro.. the dependancies are minimal iirc: pppd

    apt-get install wvdial
    yum install wvdial
    emerge wvdial


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